How to install Nvidia Drivers On Debian

Since this is my first post within the Linux category I wanted to show you how to install Nvidia’s proprietary drivers on your Linux system, since this is the first thing I do after installing my Debian. Now let’s start by downloading the latest drivers from nVidia’s website at this address : choose your operating system (Linux 32 bits or x64).

When the download is over, open a Terminal window and enter the following commands as a root (let’s assume that your downloaded file is in “/home/<your user name>/downloads/”) :

$ cd /home/<your user name>/downloads/  //this will change the working directory to the one where our downloaded file is.
$ chmod u+x //this will make the script based installer executable
$ init 3 //Sets the current run level to 3
$ /etc/init.d/gdm stop //stops the X server (if the x server was not stopped when switching the 3rd run level) if you are using KDE type "kdm" instead of "gdm".
$ ./ //runs the installer. just follow the instructions. Accept when prompted to run the xconfig tool
$ /etc/init.d/gdm start //starts the X server

if the installation completed successfully you should see nVidia’s logo at startup.



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